Saturday, September 19, 2015

E-mini Dow TS TradePlan Chart Review - Friday September 18, 2015

Can you take the highest probability trade?

We only executed around 1 idea Friday: "Short keyed to Range Long test from below." With the expectation that if we held over Range Long and were stopped on the short .. we would likely switch bias to long side and stalk longs the remainder of the day as long as price was trading over Range Long.

Can you find a high probability area that you can lean on in your trading? It helps! High probability areas where you will likely know quickly if you are right/wrong often offer great trading opportunities. 

Read on to see how we used the high probability area of "short keyed to Range Long test from below" Friday. Does everybody see/understand why this was a high probability area? If not post in the comments. 

YM TS TradePlan E-mini Dow Chart Review - Friday September 18, 2015

Not everyday we get such a condensed distance between Range Long and Extreme Long .. the Contract Notes from TS TradePlan reflected that.

Price moved from LIS at London open to Extreme Long at U.S. cash open.

We stalked short YM on test of Range Long from below...

Friday's Short Trade.

Clients always have the trade plan before price starts trading at London open.

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