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NQ — Welcome to TS TradePlan!

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Hi All,

We received a lot of responses and it is amazing to know the confidence and trust that you put in our analysis.

The final results are in and while TF officially won the tally (it was VERY close) we are opting to add NQ as the next TS TradePlan Instrument.

Let me share why we chose NQ.

1. The Nasdaq Composite is trading at new all time highs. Just breaking the 2000 highs for the first time in June 2015. The Nasdaq 100, what the NQ is based on, has not tested the 2000 highs yet. Once we do, much like the October 2007 S&P-500 test of the March 2000 previous all time highs, we are likely to put in some type of top and experience a Macro CIT back down. No significant market crash has ever taken place without first making new all time highs and this has a lot of rhyming with the 2000 - 2007 cycle. Note that in 2007 the Nasdaq had not even retraced 50% of it's 2000 highs when the S&P-500 and Dow in 2007 were making new all times highs over the 2000 highs. This move in the Nasdaq is significant from a historical perspective, as we are trading at prices in the Nasdaq Composite that haven't been traded in 15 years and we are ABOUT to be trading at prices in the Nasdaq 100 (NQ) that haven't been seen in 15 years.

Side Note: In 2006 - 2008 I put out a very small private email, it wasn't sent to any type of managed list or anything like that, it was just a private email to about 30 people regarding the lead up and what was likely to happen in big equity (the S&P-500) in regards to price action. Let's just say that we NAILED the Feb 27, 2007 flush AND the 2007 market high from a macro viewpoint about down to the day in October 2007 (and from pretty far out in advance – I was doing macro timing work back then) a whole 1 year ahead of the 2008 debacle.

Know that the prior paragraph is not there for accolades or a pat on the back! I see rhyming now with the situation then (i.e., the next shoe to drop .. is all the stuff from 2008 fixed???) and therefore am much more interested in NQ than TF right now, personally, and on a macro basis.

Disclaimer: the above may seem like I am calling for a crash once we make new all time highs in the Nasdaq 100. To be clear that is not the case. I simply said no significant market crash has ever taken place without first making new all time highs. That does not mean that once new all time highs are made the market will crash. Come on people! Possibilities and probabilities are two different things. Those clients who get the NQ Macro Technical View as part of TS TradePlan will have a clearly defined perspective of specifically WHERE we perceive price to be heading .. be it UP or DOWN. 

2. We currently offer TS TradePlan for ES YM 6E CL GC. Of those YM is probably the least "dangerous" to trade. NQ in my opinion is inline with YM in the way she moves (and probably even a little tamer) while TF is more inline with 6E CL and GC in the way they move. So while the reward with TF can be greater, so is the risk. I would rather balance out our offering with a tamer product (NQ) that is similar to YM than a more aggressive one (TF) that is similar to 6E CL or GC.

If you trade TF and like the volatility it provides (that YM ES and NQ really don't), I strongly encourage you to take a look at 6E CL and GC, and at least compare how they move. You will likely see some similarities with TF. You may even find that you like one of them better :)

So that's it. Starting Monday July 27, 2015 we will begin offering TS TradePlan for the NQ!

We will be updating our single instrument page to reflect this over the weekend – in the meantime if you want NQ simply use the links below or email tony @ tradersmarts . net and we will get you set up.

NQ Monthly

NQ Annual


1. Instruments Requested (TF, NQ, ZB, 6E, etc.): _____________________
2. TS TradePlan Indicator (Yes/No): _______________________________

Copy and paste the above 2 paragraphs with your instrument selection and email tony @ tradersmarts . net. to be counted.

Trade smart and trade well!

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