Sunday, May 4, 2014

When Is The Best Time To Trade?

There are two time periods that I consider the "best" times to trade. Being deemed the "best" is based solely on one thing: when the highest volatility is most likely to occur. 

The first time period is 5 - 9 AM PST (8 AM - 12 PM EST).  It covers the U.S. open, the European close, the GC pit open, the CL pit open and most of the major U.S economic releases. It generally provides the best volatility of the entire Globex session.

The second best time to trade is keyed around the European opens. First Frankfurt and then London. Many originating moves take place in euro, oil, and gold during this time time. 

While I have been trading both of these time periods for some time, I no longer wish, at this time, to keep up with the continual sleep sacrifice that is required when trading both sessions.

So I have decided to forgo trading the European opens this week and see how it goes — with the idea that if all goes well I may keep this schedule at least through summer. 

The good news for members is you can now count on me having somewhat of "set" hours. Something I have never really had before as I have always executed if opportunity presented itself when in front of the screens.

So this week I will be trading from roughly 5 - 9 AM PST (8 AM - 12 PM EST)  Monday - Friday and I will not be executing during Europe.

It is my hope that by focusing exclusively on this four hour window, and then getting away from the screens and finally getting some decent rest at night, that I regain a little bit of balance. 

In accordance I expect that the extra sleep will only help my focus when behind the screens.

So if you can make it this week from 5 - 9 AM PST (8 AM - 12 PM EST) you are encouraged to join us. 

Looking forward to this week!

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sdmooks said...

Welcome to ground zero you just have to get crazy again and get a workout in BEFORE 5am :)