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Hi TS,

I don't know how you do it, but your numbers are amazing! They are so accurate it's scary sometimes... The market could be falling hard and as soon as it hits your TS#, it fills me and then market reverses and all of a sudden I'm in profit... It's seer Madness!!! :)

Thanks for all your hard work and continued support. You've really helped me create a turning point in my trading experience.

Warm Regards,


TraderSmarts is an excellent value for futures traders looking for a
professional trader to trade alongside.  Tony's levels are well-
researched and are often correct to within a tick or two.  The
challenge in trading the levels is getting the timing right.
Sometimes the market runs and tags a level quickly and you have to
grab it right away.  Other times the market will chop around a level
for some time and finally take off once a catalyst appears.  Tony's
timely Twitter alerts really help with getting the highest probability
entries and exits.  I recommend TraderSmarts for folks who like to
play most of the major futures markets.  One of Tony's strengths is
cruising the markets to find the one's that are in play (if they are
not all moving at once!).  If you are really focused on trading just
one market, you might find Tony's service a little overwhelming.  But
if you are looking for a very experienced trader to help you develop
your feel for the markets and to help you put some winning trades on
the board, you can not go wrong with Tony and his TraderSmarts Alert


Having watched intently at all the known professional traders on Stocktwits/Twitter, nobody matches the quality of trades, market knowledge, trade management and ability to successfully trade (day in and day out) so many different futures markets simultaneously. TraderSmarts trades 9 futures markets actively including YM, NQ, ES, Euro, Crude, Gold and Bonds. His focus, time commitment and dedication to the markets is unparalleled.




I have been with the alert service for about 3 weeks now and it has been great.  Having a small account, I do not have the ability yet to follow all your scales.  However, your ability to have consistent winners has allowed me to build my account faster than I have before.  I have not taken every trade and have traded 1 lot on many and I am still easily making over $1000 a week.  Once I increase account and size, I will be able to scale with you and substantially increase profit and expectancy.

Not to sound like an infomercial, but the service is worth every penny and some.  I highly recommend TraderSmarts for markets you don't trade yourself or need help with.  I look forward to the trades each day.  Money well spent.



I wanted to share with your followers my experience trading the TS numbers. I have been trading the markets for nearly 10 years and in that time I have met several people who claim to be professional traders. I have spent thousands of dollars on training, books, software, and even pay sites that promised winning trades. When I began trading it was easy you could buy anything tech or finance related and make money. My first year I made over 300k and I knew nothing. But in a matter of days the market was able to break me. I would sit and watch 50k evaporate a day and do nothing, I thought, this can’t be happening, I was frozen, I had no plan, no money management, no targets, nothing. I would save up, get back in the market and it would break me again and again. One night I came across your “TraderSmarts” blog and decided I would follow your numbers. I had never traded futures so I paper traded them to see if you were any good. That was over a year ago. Well my friend you are the real deal. The accuracy of your numbers is amazing! Almost everyday your numbers are either dead on or off by a tick or two. And now that you're on Twitter with live play by play trades I can say I am a profitable trader and will be for the foreseeable future. Your numbers and lessons are priceless. I encourage anyone who hasn’t given your live play by play a chance to do it and do it today. Even if you consider yourself to be a good trader, Tony will take you to a new level of success.
John Lambert

I know I signed up for TS based on the testimonials I read and I have found them to be true.  TS tweets his entries before the trade occurs nearly 100% of the time so its very easy to trade along side him.  My confidence in him grows every day.
John Fritschi


Subscribing to your intra-day alert service and the daily updates (TS TradePlan) paid for itself quickly.  I've primarily traded interest rate markets for the past 15 years and I have been looking for new markets to trade.  Since I started the alert service and your daily update subscriptions I've been studying the EU6 and watching your levels closely.  The previous week you kept talking about the importance of 1.3059.  I prepared for that trade and it came on Thurs Dec 23, 2010 around 8:20am.   My trade was in 3 parts.

Long full unit (multiple of 4) at 1.3057 at 8:23am with stop of 1.3048
Scaled 1/4 @ 1.3066 at 8:44am    (+9 ticks)
Scaled 1/4 @ 1.3070 at 8:49am    (+13 ticks)

Scaled 1/4 @ 1.3093 at 10:18am   (+36 ticks)
Closed last 1/4 @ 1.3135 at 10:19am   (+78 ticks)

The last scale was interesting - I originally was working 1.3116, I saw how strong the pop was and noticed a trend line I had off of my 15min EU chart - it was intersecting the 1.3135 level.  I quickly canceled the 1.3116 order, and was able to sell 1.3135's with a market order.  I also REVERSED and was now short.

Short 1/2 unit from 1.3135:
Closed half unit at 1.3097 (+38 ticks)

Was then able to get long at 1.3083 1/2 unit.
Now long half unit 1.3083
Scale 1/4 1.3108 (+25 ticks)
Closed last 1/4 1.3113 at 3:14pm (+30 ticks)

In summary, your stressing the 1.3059 level gave me time to study.  My preparation gave me the confidence to take and manage the trade.  Your service forces me to prepare even more for the trading day - that's invaluable in itself!

(Kind of felt like I was back in the "pit" with the last 2 trades.)..

Thanks & Happy New Year!


Just a quick note about the TraderSmarts service.  Had followed Tony and his service for many months and never signed up.  Finally signed up, and I'm glad I did.  I'm a professional at something ELSE for my regular gig and trade only for a couple-few hours in the morning.  Was getting less than mixed results on my own, and I've been at this "part-time" trading gig for a good while.  Like a previous poster mentioned, the TS numbers that are sent to you nightly do make you have to think a bit more and plan a bit more, but like anything in life, there's no free lunch and one must put in an effort to achieve optimum results at anything.  If you're on the fence about signing up, don't hesitate; just go for it.  I think you'll be glad you did.  As I said, I've been at this gig for awhile and like to think that the personal work that I put into it is enough, but sometimes it isn't.  Sure, to be quite honest, I still find myself second-guessing some of Tony's calls and I miss some of his winners, but I'm kept out of some of the losers (VERY few, by the way) by the same token, but it's nice to know and have the numbers in black-and-white in front of me on my desk to help me "filter" the trades I wish to take.  His service has given me a lot more confidence in my own trading plan.

Cheers... Harry

Hi Tony,

When I first started trading I lost a lot of money following trades of (what I now know to be) a careless trader.  After that happened, I promised myself never to blindly take someone else's trades. With that said, I am very skeptical!  I have learned to respect Tony's knowledge and understanding of the market by reading his blog for over a year.  I have also watched him closely on twitter while he trades his levels successfully over and over.  I find him to be one of the best futures traders on twitter.  To be honest, he is one of the main reasons I am still trading full time, he personally challenged me to become a better trader.

With Tradersmarts service the trades are laid out, as is the reasoning behind the trade and stop loss area.  I choose to take the trades my research confirms on vehicles I already trade, some who follow him take them all.  I love having a professional trader such as Tony backing my thoughts for the dinky amount I pay per month for this service.

Tony has been an amazing mentor, and educator for me.  Additionally he has become a friend whom I hope to actually meet someday.  I forgive him for being a Seahawks fan.

Audrey Hildreth

Hi Tony,

Like I have said a few times on Twitter, I'm not sure what sort of hocus-pocus you have over there, but your signals are amazing!  Your knowledge and ability to execute consistently  profitable trades throughout the day is like nothing I have come across yet.  

I have purchased products and services, followed others, and have never seen the transparency and overall success in anyone else.  In an industry plagued with fakes, and scam artists, its very refreshing to follow an honest, family man, who really knows how to trade the markets. 

I look forward to subscribing to your services for a very long time!  



I've been a Tradersmarts subscriber for about 7 weeks now. I get the
levels, the intraday trades and the swing trades from Tony. I've used a
couple of other services in the past and TraderSmarts is definitely the
best. I was drawn to TraderSmarts due to the range of futures
instruments he trades. He concentrates on four instruments, but also
tweets trades for at least another four, which is extremely helpful in
this market. He gives plenty of notice with his tweets and provides all
the information you need to make an informed decision as to whether you
want to take the trade or not. And if you have any questions he's always
prompt with a helpful reply. His levels are uncannily accurate, many
times to the tick. I'm not always able to make the scales Tony makes, as
I don't trade as many contracts as he does, but by using common sense
and my own risk/reward management I have been profitable. In fact, just
today I had my largest one day gain ever.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend TraderSmarts to anyone.

Adam Pettitt


I just resubscribed to your TS TradePlan. I have been using the YM numbers you publish on the blog and miss having access to all the other markets you cover. I didn't subscribe to the TS Trades, as I do better following my own plan within your levels, though you have had some very good trades in the last couple of weeks. I will say that your levels and trading have helped me to seek larger targets for my runners. All in all, I've found your service beneficial --- and incorporated ideas into my own trading.



Congratulations for your service, I am very happy, I tested several signal service and this is the best and most honest, I'm new future operating and it is wonderful to learn and to follow your signals, operate in markets is difficult and following your signals I am more relaxed, you're a very very honest and very important for those who are new to the markets is very important.

I am Spanish my native language is not English, sorry for the faults in writing.

Best regards,


I have tried many futures trading services and TraderSmarts is the best by far. Not only is the risk vs. reward better on each trade but the predefined stop losses, profit targets, and overall money management of trades is ideal for any level of trader. The real-time twitter alerts and nightly TS TradePlan are really useful and insightful.

Keep up the great work!



Thought I would let you know I have been profitable in my first week with your program!( Not always the case when trading on my own) I missed your gold short today that looked like a nice winner though, wish I could have caught that one too! I hope this continues but I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with you and your service! Thanks again and keep up the great work!! I marvel at your accuracy with the numbers and hope to learn more from you! 

Thanks again and see you tomorrow!

John Feld

(Below from a long time TS Trades member who decided to add TS TradePlan)
Hey Tony,

I think I'll take you up on your TS TradePlan.  Could you please send me a link for it when you get a chance?  I know in your reviews and the Daily YM numbers on your blog, the TradePlan numbers are very helpful.

If you ever decide to share your knowledge of creating the TradePlan numbers, I'd definitely be interested in learning / compensating for it.  I would be willing to sign a NonDisclosure Agreement as well.  I've learned alot on my own through trial and error.  But it is extremely helpful having a 'roadmap' / context of high probable support / resistance areas on a variety of contracts.

I had a great oil trade Thursday heading into the big 108.18 target you've mentioned.  There's no way I would've been looking for that level on my own.  Thanks for all the sharing you do.  It really has been helpful!

Best regards,
Jason Gorham

Good Morning Tony;

I am not sure how many thank you letters you receive about the free YM data you provide on your blog, but here is one more. I am not a full time trader YET, however I am working toward being one. Your YM data allows me a chance to get in the game without have to pay for a monthly subscription and I am grateful. Since I can only trade 1-2 days a week it is great to have your data provided only when I need it. Your service is teaching me about the market and has been quite enlightening. 
P.S. When I do get to full-time trading status I will gladly pay for a full subscription. I look very forward to that day!

Thanks Stan

Hey Tony,

Let me start by saying, I have NO experience trading Forex or currency.  I do however know how to trade and after the panic sell in 6E yesterday I decided to look up your numbers and buy at panic lows.  I went long at your number  1.3123 (actual fill 1.3124).  Well, that was very close to the bottom and the story ended good for me!  I will now be paying my membership in full next month for the year.  :p

Thanks my friend!


Hey Tony,

Huge congratulations on taking your service premo -- you have high-end information product that you put a lot of time and work into generating, and you deserve some reward for that. But even more impressive to me is that you have managed to find the midline and achieve balance, by offering scholarships to the newbs, and asking that they define what is that THEY are giving back to the world.  Great work man --you've got a lot of class. You're truly on the way to mastery.

This is what yoga is all about: accepting your gifts, refining them through a balance of effort and grace, and then offering them back.

Make a great weekend bro!


Very nice touch, and I quote " At the same time I know that there are some 1-2 lot traders who are still struggling to be consistent. If you fall into the category of not being able to afford the $75 per month subscription but really want to keep getting the TraderSmarts Numbers then email me explaining your situation and what you can afford and I will try to work with you. If you can't afford anything include in your email what you can give back. It doesn't necessarily have to be towards me. What can you give back towards the greater good of humanity? You have to be able to contribute something."

I liked that, a lot.  Best of luck.


I'm in - not a problem....don't always use but great as a back up.  Your scholarship idea was great!

Talk soon - stay the course,


Dear Sir,

I really appreciate your time and the quality of your work, congrats!

Thank you very much for the period you have been sending your excelente emails with the Tadersmarts numbers for free and wish you a very good luck on anyting you do.

All the best,


Hi TS :)

Thank you for your effort to put these numbers out there. I do look at them every day but had never gotten to the point of trading off them yet. Maybe I should have paid more attention !



Good for you, sir!  You put in an incredible amount of time and effort into these #'s.  While I don't use them, I have bounced them off of my volume profile analysis to check for accuracy.

Hope it all turns out well for you and good luck! 


Not too shabby again Sunshine! 3474 and 3452 were beautiful calls right on the money and 3406 to the tick/pip on 6E this evening...time to start trading sim from your #'s I guess.... Nice calls!
Have a great evening and thanks for posting these...

Hey, TS...

Great call on the Euro 1.3474  :o))

:o))-- Jo Ann

Nice job...I'm going to watch your levels a little closer from here on out!

Hey... ok... i"m just curious... and don't answer if you're not comfortable, but I've been following you for awhile and I'm just curious where you "came from"... i.e., what you did before you traded... just for a little background.. that's all.... your numbers are 90% or so SPOT ON.... like were you a broker, or did you just self-teach yourself like a lot of us out here.....Wow, is all I can say, and the numbers are very much appreciated.... I'm short 6E this evening from about 1.3579 and still short, but that 1.3532 was right on for the bounce back up.... got a nice profit stop in the market and even if I'm stopped out, it's fine, but man, I'm amazed.... Yeah, I'm tempted to do the 11:00 p.m. trade (London open), too, but enough is enough in the evening; right?
But I've really grown to love that Asian open trade around 3:30 to 5:00 pm our time (I'm in San Diego so we're in the same time zone).... but pardon me for repeating what I've been repeating about your contributions... thanks, dude....

Cheers.... Hap

one of your subscribers just recommended you...thanks for the add.

You are one smart dude.

I am not focused on the ym, but enjoy seeing your thought process.

I also know your values are centered on the important things in life, and just thought I would take a moment to say so.

All the best,


Hi Tony,

Thanks for the explanation.  Great call on the Euro by the way!  You should show me what's behind the curtain one of these days.....


First my warmest thanks for doing what you do. I have had a chance to watch you for a little bit now, and I am impressed!
I wanted to tell you that I took my first actionable trade based on your numbers today. I had wanted to buy Euro at ~1.33 ,but I saw your number was 1.3286, so I figured what's a few ticks to the downside. Filled at 1.3286 (2 ticks from LOD as of this writing), and got out most at 1.306. Nice 1k to start the day!
I was wondering if you have any tips for managing entry points. I've noticed that ES tends to trade pretty much as I expect, technically. However, I always get caught with CL. When I am expecting rotation, it seems to bust through every time. Is there a different "tone" to this market in your opinion
Trade smart!

Hey TS,
Love your style… would like to get your emails every morning! 

I appreciate your work and thoughts and wish you continued successes. 

Chris R



Thank you for your daily mails!

Best regards


Hi Tony--
Just a quick question -- where did your 1124.5 number for the ES come from today?  If it's a proprietary/calculated number you don't share that's fine, but it didn't come up in my homework as a swing high/low or specific volume area.  I was looking more for a test of 1127.  Either way it sure worked!

Very well executed sequence today absolutely hands down the trade of the year thanks for having the GUTS to post it.   Wow I was watching the dome dude and I traded it far worse you rock.   Especially the way you held the last batch and got that kicker way to go. !!!



Hi Tony

Thanks so much for your numbers, I use them every day and they help a lot. How long does your homework take? I am trying to come up with my own numbers but it takes time, there are so many factors to take into account and keeping things simple is not that easy when you don't have sufficient experience. 

Thanks again my friend and see you on twitter :-)


Hello Tony,

I really appreciate you taking the time to respond. Your response entirely makes sense and really helps put things into more perspective.


TraderSmarts Numbers very good today as usual..they just really help me frame things and build a mental map

Stellar performance Tony.. I cannot believe how on it the TS#s are..all the way to the 10166. Uncanny. If  I had the skills and the balls to just stay in and let er run..I would be collecting the ticks that I know are there...its all on me as trader cuz the TS #s are there for the playing.

I am stoked dude.. Thanks again. Have a great weekend!


You information is valuable


Just in case you think nobody is paying attention ... I am. And could not help but notice that your ES level was 2 ticks from the high on Tuesday. Nice!




Many Thanks for providing the Numbers...........

Keep up the Good Work !



thx for the numbers!!  much appreciated!


Hi TraderSmarts,

I'd like to thank you for publishing your TraderSmarts numbers each day.  I have found your numbers to be very helpful in conjunction with my own analysis.

Thanks again for your time and effort.

Best regards,

You made some great calls on the YM today. Nice work and Thanks for sharing. Talk with you later!!


Hi TradeSmarts,

Like the figures you provide everyday before market opens. 
Appreciate for your time taken on sending out these useful 



Thanks for the #;s each day...I am using the 6E and you are nailing this thing lately!

I've been doing this for a long time- maybe as  long as Miller. I think
you and I are are the only people who trade the YM it seems. It's my
favorite contract. for some reason, I just know how to read it. Thanks
for sending out your levels. Yesterday, you were knocking it of the
Talk to you later

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