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How To Achieve Excellence In Anything, Including Trading, By Doing One Simple Thing!

Okay so I hooked you with a James Altucher type headline however there really is one thing you can do to achieve excellence in anything, and it really is extremely simple.

Additionally, this one thing is something that you can begin to implement immediately, to improve any area of your life, whether it be trading/work/business, a relationship, personal health, etc.

This "trick" is so simple it can be narrowed down to just three words. Ready for them now?

Focus on process.


Yep, focus on process.

Now I've written about "process based goals" before (see below) but what got me thinking about it again is the other night I watched a Matthew McConaughey interview on Piers Morgan. In the interview Piers asks Matthew what he attributed his recent successes to. The answer Matthew gave is exceptional (and frankly not what I was expecting which is why it made me sit up in my seat) — we can all benefit from hearing it.

I couldn't find the clip to embed but here are the links to the clip in succession. It is 90 seconds in total divided into 3 separate 30 second clips:

Below is the transcript from CNN:

MORGAN: Coming up, the Oscar Nominee star and amazing star of "Dallas Buyers Club" Matthew McConaughey on the role that may just win him finally the coveted Best Actor.


MORGAN: Matthew McConaughey is indisputably on a roll. Nominated for Best Actor for "Dallas Buyers Club", and also getting a little attention for his role in the "Wolf of Wall Street". I sat down with him at the nominee's luncheon to talk about life in the Oscar spotlight.


MORGAN: So, Matthew, the last time I spoke to you with a great interview and ended with you playing the bongos. I don't think even you in that moment could have ever imagine quite what has happened to your career in the last year. How do you feel about this extraordinary resurgence?

MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY, BEST ACTOR NOMINEE FOR THE "DALLAS BUYERS CLUB": It doesn't feel surreal I mean it feels very real it's happening, and I understand what's happening, I'm aware of what's happening. But I've never really thought about, you know, this is the result.

Part of when I look back about all the reason I know of why I'm sitting here or why I've got a nomination is to really just put my head down and thought process, process, process, do the work and enjoying the experience so much that that was reward enough.

Now let's go to the next job, put your head down and do the work. Love the process, the more process of any of that become, the more results you seem to be getting.

MORGAN: So being here now is the frontrunner to win an Oscar for Best Actor. Is that the culmination of everything you've ever work for or do you believe in a way it maybe the start of something very special?

MCCONAUGHEY: I think it's a wonderful moment in my career that is in the middle of its approach. I don't feel, it doesn't feel like a destination, it doesn't. I mean very supremely honored just the gold standard in the industry I'm fortunate to work in. But I -- it doesn't feel like it's a resolution, you know, no I'm still on the approach, on the approach.

Transcript Link from CNN:

So if you want to achieve excellence in acting you don't focus on winning an academy award. You focus on owning your character, developing your craft, making a great film that touches people, etc.

To achieve excellence in trading we don't focus on how much we are going to make on each trade, on each day, week, month, etc. No, we focus on the process. We focus on stalking, executing, and managing the next trade well.

In short we focus on trading smart and trading well!

Want to achieve excellence in something? Focus on the process.

More on process:

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