Sunday, January 3, 2016

Last trade of 2015 / First trade of 2016

YM TS TradePlan E-mini Dow Review - Thurs Dec 31, 2015

We shorted YM for our last trade of the year. We almost didn't get this off as I was distracted and wanted to leave early to take the kids ice skating.

This is the close up of the stalk and short in the private client feed.

We closed 1 unit and left 1 open (with a + 160 MFE cushion) into 2016 and are looking for a test of 17255 - 17225 TS # Zone from above on Sunday Globex open - Monday AM.

Sunday (January 3, 2015) Globex update:

Charts shown with the TS TradePlan Indicator for NinjaTrader

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