Sunday, October 11, 2015

A New Client's First Day Using TS TradePlan

NQ TS TradePlan E-mini NASDAQ 100 Chart Review - Friday Oct 9, 2015

I love hearing from clients. This was from a new client. He messaged me Friday morning at 2 AM PST — his first day using TS TradePlan.

He messaged me again 4.5 hours later at 6:30 AM PST Friday morning.

And then 1.5 hours later at 8 AM PST Friday morning.

I thought the emails may inspire other traders so I asked if I could post them. 

Ricardo was fine with sharing and I was thrilled (as you can tell from my email below) that he was using the E/T Zones primarily as trade targets! Most can't wrap their head around the "target" part of the Execution/Target Zones. 

Ricardo is clearly a trader who takes his craft seriously. You don't use probabilities and statistics and spend the weekend back testing if you aren't serious. 

I appreciate smart people who can think for themselves and follow their own plan. Hopefully seeing how Ricardo incorporated the E/T Zones into his own trading serves as an inspiration for other traders.

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