Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Gold Short Trade

GC TS TradePlan Gold Chart Review - Monday August 24, 2015

The Gold Short

Some notes about the trade:

With equity markets experiencing high volatility (the S&P-500 down 150 points in 3 days) you would think that gold would be acting as more of a "flight to safety."

However she wasn't really reacting at all. She managed to find resistance at Range Short overnight and wasn't exactly looking like she wanted to make another surge. We noted the weakness/lack of strength on StockTwits and immediately started stalking short in the private client feed. 

I noted on the StockTwits and Twitter that it's not everyday you can trade gold and get less volatility than equity! Kind of funny that with equity futures halting on Tuesday Gold was actually the tamer instrument to trade. It is not often we get that :)

Charts shown with the TS TradePlan Indicator for NinjaTrader

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