Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Gold Is Ready To Move!

As alluded to the other day in the "What to expect for gold from here" post gold had reached the 1254.4 TS # that TS TradePlan had been targeting and the expectation was that we would initially pull back from it and move down to test the 1234 Big Macro TS #.

Well so far that is what we have had this week in gold: A successful test of 1254.4 and failure back to test 1234 TS # from above. (In fact the low so far this week is 1233.5 and the high is 1255.3).

You can see the action so far this week in the 20 min chart below. It shows the price action since Sunday Globex open.

The expectation now is we likely go test 1254.4 TS # from above again and eventually move up to the rotation target that we have above 1254.4 TS #.

As always timing the trade and working a favorable c/b so we can sit risk-free in the position and campaign along the way will be paramount.

To see how we do it you can get started now by taking our 7-day risk free trial. It cost's a buck a day...just so I now you are serious. I should at least be charging the price of a latte.

Anyway it is not often I openly talk about a specific setup and encourage folks to get started based on that but so far gold is playing out exactly as expected this week, and if we continue the move as expected I plan to be strategically positioned for it.

So if you want to capture this gold move with us...time is of the essence to get started now.

7-day trial

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