Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Perception: The Lens You Are Looking Though Determines What You See

So on the first day of second grade my daughter's teacher says to the class "when you are done with your assignment you can go to the library and read a book".

When my daughter finished the assignment she asked her teacher if she could go the library. Getting the okay she was on her way down the hall, saying hi to the assistant principle and the janitor along the way.

She went into the library and proceeded to find and read a book about holidays. When she was done and didn't see anyone from her class, figuring they would be done with their assignments by now and should be in the library as well, she walked back to class.

Upon returning her teacher asked where she had been to which my daughter replied "in the library reading a book". Her teacher said "where in the library" and my daughter pointed down the hall and said "down there in the library".

Her teacher replied: "Thank you for teaching me a lesson about how to teach" as she had meant for her second graders to go to the classroom library.

Perception. The lens you are looking through determines what you see.