Saturday, May 7, 2011

Kentucky Derby Cheat Sheet - How to tell who you are dealing with

Degenerate: I am going to "gamble" my last $10 bucks on the 4 to win.

Horseplayer: I am going to "bet" $100 on the 4 to win.

Gentelman: I am going to "wager" $1000 on the 4 to win

Spouse/Child/or anyone playing with someone else's money: I am goin to "pick" the one with the pretty pink socks to win.

Trader: I am going to "risk" $1000 on the 4 to win and hedge it by playing the 2 and 8 to show with a 2/4/8 exacta box as a flyer.

*Note the above numbers in no way reflect my Kentucky Derby picks. I like:

The 11 Master of Hounds
The 16 Animal Kingdom
The 15 Midnight Interlude
and I kind of like the 12 Santiva

Good luck!

If you have more "people" add them in the comments with their operative word...

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